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To Help Hospital Marketers Own a Better Patient Experience, UbiCare Releases Next Generation Content Manager

227 Days ago

Boston, Jan. 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hospital marketers are increasingly held accountable for patient satisfaction and patient experience throughout the entire care episode—not just in the hospital. With decreasing budgets and staff bandwidth, marketing teams need an automated way to build patient trust and brand awareness over the lifecycle of patient care.

That’s why UbiCare has released the new SmarteXp Content Manager, giving hospitals an automatic way to sustain meaningful connections with patients.

The SmarteXp Content Manager can be used as a standalone content management system for healthcare or as part of the SmarteXp interactive episode care solution, which comes pre-populated with evidence-based health content about specific care episodes.

Designed to allow for more patient-provider interaction, patient-data collection and hospital branding opportunities, the new SmarteXp Content Manager:

  • Improves patients’ understanding and retention of health information.

  • Measures patient behavior, progress and satisfaction through feedback surveys and ongoing measurement of patient engagement.

  • Promotes consistent hospital branding in each message with flexible options for customized content and design.

The SmarteXp Content Manager is a mobile-first tool so patients can manage their health on the go as part of their daily lives.

The interface is multi-channel, making it easy to communicate with patients via email, text or web, depending on their preference, on any message.

Now more than ever, healthcare providers need flexible and scalable systems to engage patients in a value-based care world. UbiCare’s powerful SmarteXp Content Manager provides that flexibility with minimum cost in time, effort and dollars.

About UbiCare

UbiCare, a digital health company, provides engagement solutions enabling hospitals to be at the forefront of patient-centered innovation and value-based care. Through targeted education, mobile connections and real-time data, UbiCare's interactive SmarteXp platform improves your hospital's quality of care and operational efficiencies. Learn more at www.ubicare.com.


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Jackie Simon